Cultivate Love in Your Daily Life

When healing comes from a place of love, that is when we know in our hearts that we have the power to heal. Love fortifies us, lifts us up, and gives us the strength we need to meet whatever challenges lie ahead. Likewise, it is with love that we must approach our own well-being.

This is the fundamental philosophy that guides and drives the healing practices of Heart Path Wellness. By understanding the connection between love and health we begin to connect the two as inseparable halves of the same whole. With love being such a critical element to healing and our own health, we want to present you with recommend ways to cultivate healthy love in your day to day life to encourage healing and a healthy lifestyle mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this blog post we’d like to cover one of the most frequently recommended methods to cultivate love in your day to life and make spiritual, mental, and emotional health a part of your daily outlook and practice.

Practice Gratitude – By taking the effort to actively practice gratitude in one’s day to day life, one will begin to develop lasting habits that benefit your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Notice the Good in Your Life – Notice good things. Seek them out and actively appreciate them. Take time each day to identify the good in your life, especially the small. Tune into the intricate details of your life, the things which you may easily take for granted. Practiced gratitude can be as simple as saying thanks or grace before a meal to something more focused, like a gratitude journal, in which you write a thankful passage each day. By making gratitude a small ritualized practice you begin to condition your perspective to seek and express gratitude.

Savor the Feeling of Gratitude – The next time you find yourself feeling or saying “Wow. This is amazing!” or “I feel so great right now” take the time to savor that emotion. Notice, acknowledge and absorb that feeling. This is organic emotional gratitude and savoring this instance will lead to deeper appreciate for gratitude in your life and the ability to open yourself up to readily experience that sensation in your regular day to day life.

Express Gratitude – More than just conventional manners and simple please and thank you’s. When you thank someone, you are noticing the good and savoring the feeling. Now it is all about healthy expression. Show your appreciation to another with specific recognition. Telling them honestly how their acts made you feel is a gratitude beyond a polite thank you. Express your gratitude with a kind act of your own. Thank someone with a kind action of your own starts the process of gratitude for another. Always tell the people in your life how you feel and what they mean to you. This is an often-neglected aspect of people interaction where the meaningfulness of the individuals in our lives is not directly expressed through words and action. You can change this!