The Words, Wisdom, Love and Energy of a Medicine Woman.

The power of nature. The power of the spirit. The power of the human body. As a conduit for the nexus of all the healing energies, the Medicine Woman channels the earthly and the divine to bring health, love and peace to her patients. The Medicine Woman helps her patient reconnect to the truth found within their souls. Heart Path Wellness is the vision of the dynamic, modern Medicine Woman, Sarah.

Heart Path Wellness is a space, a practice, and a philosophy. At Heart Path Wellness Sarah uses her energies to create a presence that is supportive, nurturing, and transformational. While Sarah can help heal anyone who visits her, it is those who are open to the whole universal system of her practice that can reap the greatest benefit. Sarah believes in a universal approach to healing, transcending the limitations of the physical and the mental and incorporating the spiritual and purely energetic into the scope of her practice.

This approach is derived from the Medicine Wheel, or Sacred Hoop, used by Native American tribes for generations for healing. Inspired by the flow of the forces of nature, the Medicine Wheel symbolizes an all-encompassing holistic approach to health, showing that disparate aspects of the seasons, the elements, and nature, create an inter-working and ever-turning wheel of life. By embodying this interconnected philosophy, Sarah’s healing practices are endeavors into breaking down the artificial barriers of her patients and guiding them to their whole, healthful selves. The Medicine Woman restores the wheel for those who are open to it.

Sarah seeks to do more than heal, she also seeks to commune with and guide kindred spirits who possess active dream lives, people who are sensitive to energy and emotions, and those who seek a deeper understanding of who they are at a fundamental level. Join Sarah and explore how the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and witness these patterns in yourself, the world around you, and your daily life. The Medicine Woman knows that health and healing is not simply about treating ailments but exploring the inter-connectivity of the universe and one’s own being, all of which are bound and infused by myriad energies and elements.